Sales Scheme

The institute has developed two schemes to promote sales of the encyclopaediac volumes.

Installment Scheme

Any person can become a member of this scheme by remitting Rs. 100. Subsequent remittances can be made in Rs. 100 or its multiples. The member will get the volumes when the price of each volume minus the stipulated discount (at present 25%) is remitted. Postal expenses, if needed, will have to be borne by the subscriber.

Credit Scheme

In this scheme the volumes are given to the reader in advance and their price realized in subsequent installments. Membership of the scheme is restricted to employees of government / quasi-government / public sector institutions and teachers of schools and colleges. Those seeking membership will have to apply in the form available from the institute, along with a certificate from their employer. The first installment of Rs. 300/- will have to be remitted along with the application. They will then get the required volumes in advance and the balance amount will have to be paid in installments.


  1. A discount @ 20% of the face value of each volume.
  2. Those purchasing five or more volumes can get the volumes, if necessary, as "freight to pay" through lorry parcel service. Purchases below six volumes can be sent as registered post. If sent by lorry parcel, packing charges of Rs. 100 and postal charges of Rs. 46 per volume will have to be borne by the subscriber. If two volumes are sent in a packet the postal charges will only be Rs. 72 (These rates are subject to change without notice).
  3. The subscriber has to fill - in three copies of the prescribed form, one to be kept by the employer of the applicant and the remaining two to be sent to the institute. Photocopy of the application form is also acceptable.
  4. The first installment of Rs. 300. can be paid as demand draft, postal order, money order or remitted directly at the sales section of the institute.
  5. After the subscriber is given the volumes, a copy of the application will be sent to the employer along with details of recovery to be made. The employer in turn will have to effect the recovery in ten installments and send the amount to the institute on or before the 10th of every month by way of demand draft / postal order / money order. The subscriber can also remit the amount directly at the sales section of the institute. While making remittances and in correspondence, the subscriber should mention without fail his / her name and register number.

Price List [Exclusive of Packing / Parcel Charges]


Volume Price (Rs.)
1 500
2 500
3 600
4 700
5 700
6 600
7 700
8 700
9 700
10 600
11 450
12 450
13 500
14 * 500
15 * 600


Volume Price (Rs.)
1* 500
2 500
3 600
4 450
5 450
6 500
7 500
8 700

Single-volumed Encyclopaedias

Title Price (Rs.)
Paristhithivijnanakosam 700
Jyothisasthra Vijnanakosam 900
Parinama Vijnanakosam 900

* Out of stock

Price of reprint is laible to change from what is given in the tables.

Discount rates

  • 20% in the credit scheme
  • 25% for cash purchase
  • 30% for the purchase of
    1. the fifteen volumes of the Sarvavijnanakosam OR
    2. the seven volumes of the Viswasahityavijnanakosam OR
    3. the set of 26 volumes [(15 volumes of Sarvavijnanakosam) + (eight volumes of Viswasahityavijnanakosam) + (the three single-volumed encyclopaedias)].

In case the customer wishes to purchase any single volume of the 26 Publications of the Institute, he / she can purchase it at a discount of 25%.

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